Wanted You to Know

That I love you!

When the day breaks

When the sun sets 

When the stars shimmer 

When the moon shines 

When the rain falls 

When the birds sing

A song of love

It makes me feel whole 

Strong and tall

When you’re all

I think about 

I see you everywhere 

Sometimes I don’t dare 

Look behind

What’s out there 

Or see inside 

That usually hides 

A far despair 

Wanted you to know 

That you’re my life

Big and small

And everything else 

In between 

You stood beside me

Believed in me 

When I doubted 

My own self

This poem is overdue 

But your love is eternal 

And new

Just like you

So let me say

Night and day

That I love you

To the end of days

To a new start

Where both our hearts

Wrap together 

And sing forever 

Our own and only

Melody of love…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Wanted You to Know

  1. شي لطيف جداً وعظيم جداً في آن ..

  2. ariadnesawyer says:

    Lovely poem. Newsletter may be coming soon.

    Hope you like your new place.



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