Drinking in your cups

Down the road

There’s a store

We stopped to brows

Whatever’s in store

I had a thought:

To get a cup

For every one

They picked, they chose

Then they left

The lonely cups

On my shelf

It took me a while

To summon the will

And grab one

Then another

Days later

I was able

To drink coffee

In your cups!

It tastes different

Can’t be indifferent

To the looks

On the faces

To the tones

Of the voices

To the sight of you,

All of you

Saying: thank you

I didn’t want

A “thank you”

I wanted you

To drink in those

Cups of yours

Laughing out-loud

Going far and wide

On a land

Made for you

Love is scarce

Has no pace

Or face

Yet it rings

All the bells

At once!

Your cups are still

Here, my dear

On the shelf

Before my eyes

Making the sip

Of morning coffee

A joy and a pain

A sigh and a why

Once Again…


© Image Credit: Yaman Saleh


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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