Small tokens

Is no more
Is not yet
Is passing
Time is
What for?
Grab a stick
Break it
In halves
Burn one
Keep the other
Stay awake
While asleep
Go away
Never come back
Pick a stone
Make a fist
Around the stone
Feel the pain
Then let it go
Life is shorter
Than the while
While you had been
Holding the stone
Longer than
The smile
Of a child
Harder than
The texture
Of the stone
See through
The walls
Of fear
Stand tall
Before a mountain
You’re taller
You’re higher
See yourself
Through the flesh
Behind the bones
Reach for
What’s beneath
It all
Let it go
Let it flow
Then throw
That stone
In the current
Of a life no longer
Than a moment
Of truth
A smile of a youngster
A breath of an elder
A sigh of a mother
That is life
Grab no more
What for?
Pick nothing
Keep Nothing
Leave everything
Meet The Creator
Empty handed
He Shall Look
Into your heart
Meet Him alone
With a good heart
That what counts
That what remains
After all is said
And done
Life is no more
Than yesterday
Than tomorrow
Or today!
All the same
Name the name
Of your voyege
In you go
In you go….


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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