The Walker

Steps on gravel
Steps on water
The sound of waves
The sun goes under
White geese
Black crows
Patches of snow
He has to slow
A rapid pace
Cover the face
For the wind
Is cold
The scene is bold
The eagles are bald
Yet he strides
Against the tides
Of the raging winds
For winds got waves
Just like water
No end in sight
No glimpse
Of light
The clouds are black
Thick and dark
No turning back
No trace or track
Just steps
Just stones
Ahead he moves
Afar was home
Go fast or slow
Let the face glow
Let the eyes shimmer
A soul appears
Banishing the fear
Calming down
A pounding heart
A panting breath
Life or death
Same they are
Close, not far
From where
We are
He sees a star
Fading away
Giving way
To a dark sky
The sun has set
No time for rest
What is the test?
Of being on Earth
From birth
To death
Walk on gravel
Walk on water
Don’t matter
Just keep walking
Till the end
Of time
The loss
Of space
Cover the face
Hide the tears
And start
All over
And again
And again…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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