The days are
Getting longer
The years are
Getting shorter
We stop
For life
Is but a game
Without a name
We stop
If love can
Be the same!
For this passage
Isn’t of years
Or days
But rather
Of moments
Of eternity
Of clarity
We think
We know
The secret
Life’s secrets
We try to
Come inside
Only to find
That those
We love
Have just


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Sometimes

  1. revodiary11 says:

    مطلع قوي وجميل كما قالت سلمى.. وأبيات جميلة في تأملاتها الحزينة: وفي بعض الأحيان نظن أنا نعرف السر وراء أسرار الحياة!!

  2. Salma says:

    So beautifully sad… A wistful story.
    “The days are getting longer. The years are getting shorter.” Such a powerful line.

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