Who am i?

The self asks:
Who am I
Without the I?
Who am I
Without the needs?
The greed
The feed
Of wants
Who am I
Without the pride
The lust
The fear
The rush
The tears?
Can I be
Without the I?
Can I say:
That’s me
Can I fly
Flapping wings
Of false dreams
Over the clouds
In a blue sky?
Say bye bye
To the I!
Breathe a sigh
Of surrender
Of freedom
From the stack
Of illusions
The specks
Of delusion
Shake yourself
Extend your hand
And take
What’s truly
That which
Isn’t fake
Nothing is
At stake
Life is but
One moment
Live it
Or leave it
No more reliving
The past
No more rehearsing
The future
No more narrating
The present
Live from
The first person
You don’t need
An interpreter
You can be
And see
Through the fog
Through the clouds
A clear light
In the dark night
Of a soul
That can soar
To new heights
Where love
Is real
Where you
Can feel
Whole again!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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