The End of Patience!


Shreds of hope

Strands of rope

He can’t cope

He can’t see

Beyond the sea

Of high tides

Of tough rides

Of painful pride

He wants to surrender

To go under

To let go

And go

Against the flow

Of an empty life

Full of strife

The storm is looming

Over his head

The wind is lashing

Against his sails

The tides are high

Raging and screaming

Sending his old boat


Broken ribs

Wounded tips

Sliced heart

Can’t move

Can’t call


At all

The eyes are wet

The fate is set

Right or left

He doesn’t care

Is life fare?

Can one dare


Take off the mask?

Fail the task?

Of staying


Of striving

To survive?

Or revive

A dying soul?

Where is hope?

He can no longer


Descending down

A steep slope

There isn’t hope

In things

In rings

In people

In life

God is the only

True refuge

No matter

How huge

The shipwreck

No matter how far

The shinning star

Build an Ark

Shred the masks

Invent a task

Only for you

And go through

What you must

With trust

That the dust

Shall settle

Move to the castle

Built only

For you

Lie down

Next to

The fireplace

Feel the warmth

Of finally






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About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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