Engraved Love


On an old brown

Piece of wood

Where the river

Meets the ocean

Two letters

Are engraved

As one!

I walked up to the platform

Where the brown old wood

Still holds

The two letters

Traced them, touched them

With my fingers

As my heart cried

Before my eyes

I engraved them

Years back

When I still had

Plenty of hope

They haven’t changed

It took a while to walk

To reach that memory

We try to capture

Our emotions

One way, or another

Yet no matter

They slip our fingers

They engrave inside

Our broken hearts

They remind us

How weak we are

The place was far

The gravel trail

Echoed the sound

Of the footsteps

I listened, hoping

The echo might

Sound back

Some of our old


Some of our old


It didn’t

It couldn’t

The past

Is no more

The future

Hasn’t been born

Now is all

There is

The breath

The step

The heartbeat

The glance

Is there a chance

To relive what was?

To give what is

Wings to fly

Above the storm

Like eagles

When all birds

Seek shelter

During the rage

Of an angry storm

The eagle soars high

In the blue sky

The ocean and the river

Talk to each other


They know

They flow

We don’t

We won’t

Let go

For we are

Still humans

For we are

Still doers



We haven’t learned

How to roar

How to soar

Above the storm

We submit

To the norm

We follow


We like to


The face of Earth

Not knowing

Where we’re going

I wish I could

Breathe life

Into those two


So they would

Talk to me

Let me be

Alive again…


© Image Credit: http://www.karlalim.com/


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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