Starting Over!


North of Squamish

There’s a river

A mighty flow

Of water

Melting from a glacier

Rumbling like thunder

 The smell is that

Of wild flowers

Sitting there

Staring at the wonder

That keeps starting over

Feeling a sense of surrender

Serenity and slumber!

Hold on to the rocks

So you wouldn’t flip over

As the scene, the sound and the smell

Doze you off

Into another world

Every drop of water

That makes up the river

Passes before your eyes

Only once

Yet forever!

The river never stops

Starting all over

Can we do the same?

Can we let go of blame?

Can one start

A new life

Completely alone?

No Mother

No father

No brothers

No sisters

No friends

No matter!

You are ever new

Just like a river!

Each moment is a drop

Of your own water

Go ahead

Start all over

Never look back

Have your own banks

Like a river

Cut yourself a slack

New you are

No matter how far

The memories try

To pull you over

No matter how hard

Fear strives

To freeze you still

In your tracks

Or take you

Totally off track

Only remember

That inside of you

You’ve got a power

Like no other

Let it lead you

Let it blow into your sails

The wind of freedom

The will of a hero

The heart of a child

The wisdom of ages

The strength of an eagle

The vastness

Of an ocean

The might of a mountain

The love of a mother

The Grace

Of The Creator!

No wonder

You are a timeless river

The fearless stranger

And the lonely Traveler!


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About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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