The Promised Meeting


I wonder about

The thread that

Connects people


Makes them feel

The pain

The pleasure

Of each other

We’re not alone

Although at times

We sing a sad tone

We tremble

Skin, flesh and bone

We cry

We sigh

Then we remember

To look up the sky

To keep our chins high

For the sight

Follows the light

The blue and bright

The yellow despite

The emotions that fight

The thoughts that bite!

The stars shimmer

All together

In a moonless night

Telling us:

You are too small

After all

Let go and go

Dive into

The unknown

Come close to

The river of hope

Change the tone

Of the last song

Bear the pain

That which keeps coming

Again and again

Till one day

You wake up at night

Only to find out

That the nightmare

Of the sleepwalking life

That’s been full of strife

Has come to an end

Your sight is sharp

Your ears can hear

The Voice

Your heart stops pounding

By choice

Your journey’s over

You’ve arrived

To the doorsteps

Of His House

The gates are open

Take off your shoes

Check out and lose

Your ego at the door

And move ahead

Steady steps

All the way

To the Promised Meeting …


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About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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