Dream no More!


What for?

I see you

In my dreams

I reach out

To hold the hands

To touch the faces

My hands come back

Empty and trembling

My heart pounding

The images fade away

And I’m left with memories

Of the hands I couldn’t hold

The faces I couldn’t touch

And the eyes that couldn’t

See me

Life is a dream

Things aren’t

What they seem

Sleep at night

So you might

Get a glimpse

Of a light

Out of this world

I was told

Never dream

Things are what they seem

My soul wanted to soar

I could see

Far away

I could be

One who may

Live the dream

That doesn’t seem


Despite the pain

That comes again

And again


Are all around

Easy to find

They live within

An imaginary realm

Perfect and sane

Only for them

As long as

The dream refrains

From turning into

A nightmare

Shake yourself awake

No matter what it takes

Build and make

A world

That which

You’ve never been told

Anything about

The eyes are wet

The heart is pounding

It’s hard to get

What you want!

Please don’t

Believe that

Cherish your dreams

Give them life

Let them take you



© Image credit: www.pinterest.com, from Google Images



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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