The End of the Unknown


Shooting stars

Near and far

Glowing hearts

Long to depart

Aching souls

Roar to soar

Vast oceans

Of tense emotions

Ebb and flow

In raging motions

The hearts are tender

The souls seem stronger

The bodies surrender

To the will of the Wiser

We think we know

We aim to grow

Yet the flow

Of the current of life

Takes us along

No matter how strong

We resist

We insist

To hold on

To the old

And familiar

The Supreme Will

Of the Creator

Casts away

All fears

Brings us back

To where we once

Did start

A new, yet old

World of Worlds

Fast and slow

Ebb and flow

Come and go

We don’t know

We just flow

As we feel

A sense of peace

In surrender

No wonder

The unknown

Does no longer

Seem far or under

Any expectation

None of the speculations

It is already here

It is finally real

To the eyes and ears

That used to doubt

Its clear existence

Its true presence

The hearts are tender

Yet they no longer


They no longer


The illusions

Of a tomorrow

That shall never



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About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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