Spinning and Sprouting


Behind the high mountains

Of a forgotten land

There hides a forest

Vast, entangled and sad

The tress look pale

The birds sing the tale

Of a place

That once was

Full of grace

That once was

Bubbling with joy

Oh boy!

A stranger passes through

Looking for clues

Sensing the weird feeling

Wondering, guessing

Has this once been

A lively heaven?

What’s happened?

The forest is dying

The lashing wind

Shall spin its wings

wiping out

Every last branch

Within and without

And the forest

Becomes no more!

Days and months

Come and go

Then another stranger

Passes through

Sees the ruins

Wondering and guessing

Has there once been

A beautiful place

Full of grace

Around here?

Near the end

Of what was

The stranger hears

A cracking sound

He turns around

And right behind

His tired horse

A new life

Is trying to break

The gray, dry ground

A seed of a mighty oak

Has survived

The daunting strife

Two green leaves

Tiny and brief

Sprout through the cracks

For they need to face

The fresh sunlight

Bringing grace

Back to the dead

Forgotten land …

Image Credit: www.shutterstock.com


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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