Small Earth!


Round and round

She goes

Lost and found

Who knows?

People die


Babies born

To close

A new chapter

Of a new life

For birth and death

Are twins

Only away

From each other

By one breath

I look around

I see nothing

Of that rotation

Is she slow?

Does she know?

Who’s on

Who’s in

Yet she goes

Our spaceship

Our motherland

We didn’t choose

When and where

To land

We’ve got no clue

When and where

We shall depart

And be apart

From those we loved

With a broken heart

From those who seem

Far away

Oceans and mountains

Are in the way

Water and blood

Do not mix

Your blood runs

Through your veins

To remind you that

You’re not in vain

To tell you that

There are others

On the small earth

Those who share

The same blood

I feel a flood

Of love

Rumbling inside

I hear a sound

Calling my name


How on earth

Until now

Are you in pain?

Forgive me God

For I have been

On the far-side

Of the scene

Accept me God

Into the home

Of those You Love

Despite the vastness

Despite the space

Mother Earth

Can seem small

To hold a soul

That wants to fly

That wants to cry

That wants to reach

What’s behind

The blue sky

Closed and small

Squeezing the soul

To break free

In order to see

What’s beyond

The horizon of

The so-called


© Image Credit: From Google Images, Google Inc.

About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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