How far is love?


With every breath

With every beat

With every thought

With every tear

Something strange


From the ocean’s depth

The breadth and width

Of love disappears

Why shed the tears?

Over what was

Why feel the fear?

Of a tomorrow

That may never


The line between

Life and death

Is but one breath

Why hold your breath?

Expecting the warmth

Of love

To ease your pain

To mend your sorrow

It might too well

Be your last breath

How far is love?

From an aching soul

How bad is love?

If it can’t

Dress them all

The wounds of


How close is love?

When it just


The heart is pounding

To the beat of love

The soul is searching

For the meaning

Of love

Only to find


The word has lost

Its depth

And breadth

Let go and go

To a land where

Love is rare

So you won’t

Feel any despair

Love the ocean

Love the trees

Get in motion

Or dare to freeze

All emotions

And be free

Like a tree

That only loves

The sun!

Seek no fun

In what’s gone

In what’s done

We’re all travelers

We’re all strangers

Wake up at night

And never fight

That daunting ache

That which dices

The soul

That which slices

The heart

Is there light?

Within or without

Around and about

The endless story

Of those who travel

In a strange land

Only to find

That home is far

And the journey goes

On and on

What’s gone is gone

Be here and now

That’s all we have

And love is a word

That couldn’t survive

The darkness of

The last night…


© Image credit: Google Images, Google Inc.


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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