Take my Soul


Nothing or all

The phony masks

Have started to fall

Are we off track

Or on a roll?

Are we back?

Short and tall

Big and small

To where we once

Had to start

Thinking that

We’re smart

Writing a draft

Of our goals

Of our wants

From what had once

Been the dream

Of us all

Take my soul

Once and for all

To a land where

The lawn is fair

The trees are bare

And let me stare

All night long

At the moonless sky

At the shooting stars

Near and far

Till I fall

Sound asleep

So deep

I could only hear

My Mom’s voice

Praying for me

Whispering in my ear:

“I love you son!

You’ve always been

In my heart

Wherever you are

Near or far”

I tried to say

Something that may

Keep her from

Walking away

The sleep was deep

I could only smile

Then cried

Like a child

Who is still

Hiding Inside

Despite the high


Despite the crazy


Of the fake


Was that a dream?

I know for sure

Things are not

What they seem

Forgive me Mom!

For being asleep

For so long

Seeing you

Every night

In my dreams

Talking to you

Hugging you

Kissing your

Blessed hands

I feel sad

Then I remember

That a day is coming

When we no longer

Have to wonder

If the high tides

Would take us away

From each other





About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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