Trees and Tears

The trees cry


Do they shed tears?

Do they fear

The unknown?

Yet they cry


So they would

Meet the sky

And talk to the angels

About the suffering

They see

All around

Nothing is sound

Nothing can bound

A human mind

From being free

Like a tree

Why do we suffer?

Over what doesn’t

Really matter

Because we listen

To lies

Told by a voice

Resembles ours

For hours and hours

Lies about who we are

Lies about what we can

Do, and what we can’t

Why do we listen?

The truth doesn’t talk

It’s clear

For those who see

For those who dare

To leave their despair


A divided mind

Fails to understand

That thinking

Is sinking!

Open your heart

See the unseen

You can always


Right from

Where you are

At this very moment

Your pain isn’t yours

It’s been passed off

Snuck underneath

A voice like yours

So you’d embrace

The pretty face

Of the tenth lie

Are we alone?

In a world of our own

Were we born?

To be torn

Between opposites?

Take the high road

Cry if you may

But never sway

Never leave the way

The which leads

To Paradise!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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