The Universal Symphony


The trees welcome

The spring

Dressing in pink

I try to tell you

How much I love you

Writing poems

With digital ink!

There’s a link

You love the trees

You love the ocean

All are in motion

Love is an e-motion

It moves the heart

From the start

It might as well

Break it apart

How can one

Face life

With a broken heart?

A fresh start?

A new draft?

Of the old dreams

Those that seem

Far behind

The horizon

Where the sun sets

Not to sleep

So deep

But to shine upon

Another realm

Starting all over

Isn’t the matter

Letting go

Of the past

The present

And the future

Isn’t the matter

The harder

You try

The fiercer

You resist

The lashing wind

The longer

It persists

The farther

You get

From the dreams

As they set

Along with the sun

Behind the horizon

Of one’s life

We like to drift

Thinking that

We are smart


When we slip

Off track

We experience


Of wisdom

Of intelligence

And of love

Is the tree wiser

Than a lost soul?

Is the ocean stronger

Than us all?

Only when we drift

Only when we turn our backs

And go off track

Do we become lost

In a no man’s land

Trying to sing alone

Not in sync 

With the tone

Of the symphony

Played without agony

By the whole



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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