I used to know

Im done

Windows of light

Doors of love

Roads without ends

Hearts lost in pain

I used to know

Where to go

I used to know

How to flow

I had a plan

For everything

The path was clear

There was no fear

The steps sounded real

I knew I was here

Then something disappeared

Something so dear

The Windows of light

Got shut

The land became empty

Of loving hearts

I stopped

And looked

Through the dust

Couldn’t see

Nothing was clear

Far or near

Nothing seemed real

Was I in a dream?

One that had

No beginning

No end

No theme

We think

Life’s real

We pretend

We feel

The pain

Of the lost hearts

While we’re lost

In our thoughts

In the fog of the mind

Inside the fortress

Of the ego

Taking rides

To the past

To the future

Only to realize

That none exists

We lose the timeless

For the sake

Of the fake

We break

The cycle

Of struggle

Then we know

It has all been

A brilliant illusion


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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