Show Me The Way

The night is dark

I’m held behind

Strange walls

Not from this world

I’m lost inside

The shields

Of my own self

How can you guide?

Such soul

To the shores of peace?

How can you ride?

A high horse

When you’re not

At ease

The doors are closed


And Without

There’s no way out

Complete silence

Blinding darkness

Is there a way?

Who can say?

I look up

I close my eyes

I try to see

A glimpse of light

With my heart’s eye

The heart is blind

It can’t see

For it to see

It must be clear

Of pain and fear

It must be able

To steer

Down to earth

Ear on the ground

I can hear

A sound

Speaking in a language

I can’t understand

The walls start moving


Making the space


I surrender

I can no longer

Fight this battle

I can no longer

Handle the struggle

I surrender

And remember

Those I love

No one could help

They’ve been watching

The end of a man

The end of a dream

We come alone

We leave alone

People and things

Come in between

To make the ride

More interesting

More challenging

And there we go

There we go…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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3 Responses to Show Me The Way

  1. Dear Bonnie,
    Would you care to contribute to a new poetry journal organised by Alok Mishra at: It needs the best poets, since it is a new venture, so I thought of you. Please have a look. Hope you will agree. Sorry to message you this unconventional way, but I couldn’t find you any other way,
    Best wishes,
    Ken W Simpson. (I enjoyed your poem)

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