Let Them Go!

The eyes are wet

The pain has set


In the chest

He can’t rest

He can’t let

His suffering get

Outside his chest

Your pain is yours

No one would

Ever lose

A minute of sleep

Thinking about

Your pain

For anyone to feel

They must appeal

To the experience

Or at least

Imagine how hard

The deal


And over time

People forget

That the pain had set

In your chest

That your eyes

Have always

Been wet

That you can

Never rest

Do not expect

Any empathy

From the minds

Or the egos

It only comes

From the hearts

The land is empty

Of true hearts

You must accept

That you shall

Be left

To suffer alone

Do not cry

Your tears will die

On your aching chest

Why don’t you forget?

All the objects

Be the subject

That sees it all

Why don’t you connect?

With The One

Who never forgets

Who Knows that

Your eyes have always

Been wet

Who Knows that

The objects have

All left

You now can rest

Within the best


You start to dream

Of being free

Of that pain

It shall never set

In your chest



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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