The drapes are half-open

Letting some light in

The beds are tidy

As if no one

Had slept on them



Memories rush in the mind

Images, sounds, laughs

There seems to be

A residual echo

A subtle presence

A painful reality

405 is empty

Life is about change

That is so strange

You can’t hold on

To anything

Or anyone

You’ve got to let go



You suffer


But how would you

Let go

Of your heart?

How would you


After your heart

Had left your chest

In a suitcase?


Life is not worth

That kind of pain

It is too short

To be spent

In anguish

Why do we have

To explain

Our love

Again, and again

Love has no language

Love is life!

Or is it not?

How long

Can one live

Without a heart?

No matter how strong

How patient



He would collapse

I wish I could

Sit again

On the floor

Of 405

Watching them

Sleep, peacefully

Holding their hands

Talking to them


But 405 is empty

That’s the painful



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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