I Can’t See’em Anymore!

The night is young

The moon is full

It’s been long

Since I heard a sound

So beautiful

I can hear’em singing

I can hear’em cheering

Everywhere I go

But I don’t know

Why I can’t see’em

Have they lost their way

To me?

I want’em to stay


And everyday

No one knows

When the time comes

For us to be together

But I sure know

I can’t wait

Any longer

I close my eyes

Hoping to see’em

I look up the sky

Tracing the clouds

Trying to draw

Their faces

Everywhere I look

On the pages of any book

I pretend I see

I want to see

But it’s not up to me

The time hasn’t come

No matter how much

I try, I want!

Wanting takes

Things from you

So I talk no more

I figured: What for?

I just wait

I stopped knocking

On doors

I lie on the floor

I close my eyes

Maybe I could see’em

In my dreams

Maybe I could hear’em

In the streams

Things are not

What they seem

Then I hear’em singin’

I hear’em cheerin’


I pretend

To be alright

Yet, the singing goes

And I can’t see’em



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to I Can’t See’em Anymore!

  1. جميلة منسابة كأغنية هادئة حزينة..أعجبني وصف الليلة بصغر السن.. أظنه تشبيه جديد لم يمر بي.. سلمت يداك..وما لنا غيرك يا الله

  2. Interesting poem and poetic also.

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