We Don’t Have To!

Come on over

Stay forever

I don’t have to

Miss you anymore

You don’t have to

Be alone:

What for?

Let’s be together

Come on over

I don’t even have to say:

“Come on over”!

It’s about time

To crossover

I can’t spend

One more day

Without you!

Don’t stay away

We’ve gone through

A lot, don’t you say?

You’ve suffered too

Yesterday and today

I have no clue

Please tell me

If you may:

Why aren’t we together?

I don’t want to find

Another way

To live, without you!

Without you;

Life is fake

So what does it take

For us to be


Once more

And forever?



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to We Don’t Have To!

  1. Nice. I like this one.

    • Thanks! This one was so fast. I still don’t know how I wrote it. I’m beginning to realize that we don’t write the poems! They’re written somewhere, we just make them available to other people. From that perspective, poets should not feel proud of any work. There is no place for the ego here. We should rather feel humble and grateful to God!


      The Soaring Eagle

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