Business as Usual

“Life goes on”

Have you heard that slogan?

What is it, exactly?

Where does life go?

Most people suffer from

Lack of awareness

They sleepwalk through life

They repeat things

They do things

Just to “move on”

But what if something

Or someone

Doesn’t want to move on?

The train keeps pushing


And that someone

Appears to those in the train

As moving backward

Where is everyone going?

Jumping from train

To train

Have we chosen this?

Are we here to “move on”?

Or are we here to “be”?

Do you know how to “be”?

What are the two

Non-stop activities

Of a human “doing”?

Moving and thinking

Can you stop thinking?

Can you start “seeing”?

Have you ever seen

a young child think?


He or she doesn’t need to

They just “know”

Is thinking bad?


Obsession is bad

The mind is a tool

When you let the tool

Govern your life


That’s bad

You become heartless



And you “keep moving on”


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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