The Observers

It’s a sunny Thursday afternoon

The sky’s blue and clear

Ready for the full moon

To appear

The trees stand tall

Swing with the gentle breeze

But they can’t fall

Everything moves, in its own way

In a three-dimensional play

Of light, sound and other forms

Of energy, of unseen beings

We live in a world of colour

Of water, of matter

Of change, of events, of people

But how do we know

All of that?

How do we distinguish

A dog from a cat?

We’d learned that

It’s been stored, intact

In our minds so that

We “know” we “live”

We “experience” this

And that

We swim through the

Ocean of objects,

Of beings, all around

We’ve become so accustomed

To what’s around, to the extent

We don’t stop and wonder:

What is that?

Is it real?

Is it the whole deal?

Would there be anything else?

Something that wouldn’t appear

To our minds

Although it’s here?

Something which we

Can’t see, or hear

Have you ever thought

Such thoughts?

Have you ever tried

To take the stance

Of an Observer?

A being that is not


In the 3D world

In the big play

Of sound and light

A being that has

No attachments

No aversions

Guess who that being is?

Yes, it’s you!

The real you…

But the Observer is so light

It disappears on a whim

As soon as you start “thinking”

As soon as you dive deep

Into the play

As if it’s real

As if it’s the only thing


The Observer

Is still there

But it’s you

Who has lost

The connection

It’s you

Who has become lost

In the illusion

In the jungle

Of space-time

The Observer doesn’t think

Or blink

He just knows

You’ve got to listen

To pay attention

To give him the lead

He shall guide you

To the shores of peace

Once you release

The wanting

Once you get out

Of the way

And obey

The rule of silence

Which shall take you

To the true world

Right now

Right here

My dear!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to The Observers

  1. akismet-56315bd785363a6070088125a208aa9f says:

    Nice poem-I like it!

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