Why Don’t We Care?

To stroke the hair

Of a little child

To lend a hand

To someone in pain

To listen again and again

To think before we talk

To walk our talk

To feel

To heal

To try our best

To ask ourselves:


Why can’t we understand?

Why can’t we follow our hearts?

How come we sleep at night

While someone we love

Is suffering, silently?

How can we be together

While someone we love

Is alone!?

How can that be?

It’s not about you and me

It’s about what’s inside

That which we hide

So the outside

Remains OK!

We play roles

We deceive no one

But ourselves

We listen to the news

But we can’t hear

The voices

Of our own hearts

Shame on us

Shame on you life!

You don’t deserve

All that strife

You don’t deserve

Any of that


You don’t deserve

To lose our loved ones

For you!

But life is not the one

To blame

It’s what we make of it

It’s how we live it

And that’s it….


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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