Five Empty Chairs

I sat at the same table

Ordered the same meal

Allowed myself

To flow

With imagination

Allowed myself

To pretend that

You were there

Exactly like

The Old Days!

But the chairs

Were empty

You weren’t there

I asked: Why?

Why don’t we

Fully appreciate

The good times?

When they’re

Right there

Staring at us!

Why do we go

Through life

Consumed by

The “big stuff”?

While the “real stuff”

Slips through

Our tightly clenched


I could see her

Sit opposite to me

I could see them

Go back and forth

To the counter

Then come and sit

Till the five chairs

Are not empty


Why am I doing that

To myself?

Those sweet days

Are gone

For good

Or bad

I’ve got no idea

What I’m sure of


Is that

The five chairs

Are now empty

And I’m sitting alone

At the same table

Holding my tears back

“Wishing” they were here

Do they care?

Are they aware?

Of my despair?

Is any of that fare?

I’ve given them

Most of my life

And now

I’m willing to give

What’s left

All of it

Just to see

The five empty chairs

Full again!

If only, for one hour

If only, for one supper

It really does matter

Life is shorter

Than a supper

With those

You truly



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Five Empty Chairs

  1. تضع قارئك في جو متكامل، عبر صور بسيطة حية، فيشعر بروح نرفرف ترشده وتوضح له ما تريد قوله. حياك الله من شاعر

  2. Good poems. Let me know when you want to go on site at

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