The Nightfall



I miss our desert trips

I miss our dune dips

I miss stopping at

The outlet mall

Eating, laughing, and all

I miss our garden

The trees must have

Grown tall

Sometimes I feel

I’m about to fall

In a very deep hole

Dark, lonely, and small

I miss the nightfall

When I’d tell

Bedtime tales

Hold the small hands

Recite some prayers

For you!

Make sure

You all

Were sound asleep

Cover you

Stroke the hair

Kiss the foreheads

Whisper in the ears:

“Goodnight baby!

I love you,

I’m going to miss you

From now,

Till the morning!

I’m going to see you



That “tomorrow”

Never comes



Away from you:

Life has lost

Its taste

Is that fate?

Or is it

A bad mistake?

I don’t know

All I know

Is that

I miss you all

Every single day

From dawn

To nightfall!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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5 Responses to The Nightfall

  1. عسى أن يكون قريبا، وأن تسترجعوا بعض مافات، أو تجارب أخرى لا تقل جمالا.. صورك مؤثرة جدا، في رقتها وبساطتها.. ولم لا؟

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