No One

The land is empty, and vast

The sun hides


An overcast

The wind blows

So fast

A sand storm


In the horizon

No one knows

How long

It would last

How it would

Take everything


But there’s nothing

To take apart

Except a lonely soul

Brave enough to cross

The vast, empty land

Is he a nomad?

Is he insane?

He’s just sad

And mad

The sand starts filling

His sharp eyes

He’s got nothing

To cover his burned face with

He’s got nothing

To hold on to

He opens his arms

Broad and wide

Releases his fists

And surrenders

To the storm

Which takes him away

Up high

To the sky

Where there is

No one

No attachments

No aversions

Just Nothingness

Just Emptiness

Calm, peaceful


He’s free now

No one knows, how

As no one cares

To know

To him, no one exists

Neither in the empty, vast land

Nor in the peaceful sky

Who are people, anyway?

Are they what we think

They are?

How much of that thinking

Is real?

And how much is the creation

Of our minds,

Our egos?

Let go

Of the ego

You’d see

The truth

You’d feel



In the vast, empty land

Of No One…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to No One

  1. Powerful, vast poem. It really illustrates a state of mind.

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