The Window of Love

I sat next to the window

Watching the trees

The streets

Remembering my home garden

Trying to absorb the beauty

All around

There is something missing!

There is something pressing!

How come we get so attached

To those we love?

How could they take pieces

Of our hearts?

All of our hearts?

Making us feel lonely

What is loneliness?

In essence?

It’s not only being

Physically alone, or in a mess

It’s pain in the heart

A soul that feels emptiness

Where are they?

Why all this void, inside?

No matter how much

You try

To hide

It shows, on your face

In your eyes

It’s love

In its strongest grip,

hold, and yearning

But love is meant to be peace

A refuge for an aching soul

Not a source of pain

And suffering!

Love is life

When it creates sadness

It becomes

A path to death

Of the heart

Of the soul

Of the whole


That which struggles

To stay alive

To survive

The fate of Love!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to The Window of Love

  1. Lubaba Saleh says:

    Dad, this poem was amazing, very touching, I could almost picture the open window, the breeze, the chirping of the morning birds and the sounds of life. I could feel the pain of loving someone so dearly and missing them greatly, a combination of happiness to have someone to love and sorrow cause they are not there by your side… I miss you dad, Lubaba

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