The Capacity to Love

Love is a blessing

Love is missing

We go through life


We’re loving

Love  is not a word

To say

Is not a song

To play

Is not a place

To stay

Love is the way

Only those who

Have experienced

Love may

Talk about it

May describe it

Life without love

Is like a body

Without a soul

Give love

Expect love


Live Love

Some hearts

Are so heavy

They can’t hold

An ounce of love

Don’t hate  them

Love them

Give love wings to fly

Give it roots to grow

But always start

With loving your soul

You can’t love another

If you hate yourself

Let true love

Guide your path

To the ultimate source

Of peace and love

To the One and Only



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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2 Responses to The Capacity to Love

  1. Lubaba Saleh says:

    When you truly love God, you love his blessings and a mother and father are one of his greatest blessings. So loving them and making them happy is a sign of loving Allah. I love you Dad…

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