Let’s Talk About Nothing

She looked up, staring at the sky

She whispered: Why?

Why did you leave

Why did you fly?

I’ve been waiting for you

I’ve been watching the window

Telling myself: Here he comes

I’d leave a space for you

I wouldn’t allow anyone

To sit on your chair

I’d hide

So the kids wouldn’t 

See me cry

Where have you been?

You haven’t come back


He swallowed the words

With a long sigh

He wanted to say

So many things

He wanted to explain

He wanted to try

Rather, he said:

Let’s talk about nothing!

Let’s keep what’s inside, hiding

Let’s enjoy the silence

Sometimes you talk

Sometimes you walk

But have you tried

To talk

About nothing?

His heart has already 

Been bruised

Her heart was not used

To facing life alone

And they started talking


About nothing

Long time had passed

And they both realized

That that had been

Their best talk ever

In the world of forever

In the true world

Of dreams!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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11 Responses to Let’s Talk About Nothing

  1. Hunada says:

    I enjoyed this talk for twenty years I still do and I think it is unique to married couples only.

    • “Let’s Talk About Nothing” is not a puzzle. When you listen, really listen, you enter into the power of the present moment. You touch the surface of reality. The more you listen, the deeper you dive into what IS.

      Then comes the talk natural from the fountain of peace and wisdom, available only to those who can master the art of true listening. Their talk does not need words!

      The soaring Eagle

  2. revodiary11 says:

    عنيت بالترف أنك حين تتبادل حديثا صامتا، فعلى الأقل يجب أن يكون بينكما أقل من ألف كيلو متر، وكم سنة .. طبعا أوافق بشدة أن الحديث الصامت يمكن أن يكون غنيا ودالا على حب وتفاهم عميقين جدا.. ويمكن أن يكون بين غير الأزواج .

  3. revodiary11 says:

    لما يجي على بالي فكر بشعرك وأشحذ عقلي شوي: يو ميك ماي داي .. تعيش النسوة- أحيانا- في عائلة شبه موهوبة بربع عقل.. من باب الحذر والاحتياط.. والراحة الموهومة

  4. revodiary11 says:

    they haven’t yet met in the so-called “real world”!
    ذكرني أو اشرح لي عن هذين العالمين، على فضاتك..
    أجد تعبيرات جدتي دائما حاضرة..ومناسبة ومؤنسة
    هل لازلت تحفظ لها: شو عم تعمل ياحلو؟

    • Yes, I remember her. I wrote a poem about her and another one about our grandfather Mohammad. I see her a lot in my dreams: We talk, we eat, we laugh. sometimes she gives me stuff, sometimes I help her do something, or give her food.

      The world of dreams occupies one third of our life. It can’t be fake, or irrelevant. It’s there for a reason. It’s got its own rules, but it’s not random or chaos. When you meet someone there, you actually met them, especially the dead.

      That’s all I can say now. This discussion could easily fill up pages.

      The Soaring Eagle

  5. revodiary11 says:

    آي أغري طبعا أنها طبيعة الشعر.. لكن الإسقاط وجه من وجوه التأمل.. ولا تنس أني- وقد جربت وحدة الزوجة- لم أكن أملك حتى ترف الحديث عن لاشيء..
    أو ترف الحديث الصامت..
    ربما كنت دون أن أنتبه..
    على كل يحدث أحيانا- أنك بما تستدعيه من جانب يذوي في عقلي
    make my day
    إلى الللقاء

    • I don’t think a “silent talk” is a sort of luxury. It’s a strong way of expression. Of saying yes, or no, without a word!

      The poem wanted to say that both of them had that ability, and enjoyed it. I believe, being able to communicate silently is a sign of love too…

      What did make your day?

      The Soaring Eagle

  6. revodiary11 says:

    العنوان مثير للفضول جدا جدا… ثم يأتي حديثها بسيطا مبكيا..وكأنها تتحدث عن ملايين النساء… ثم يأتي الصمت.. فيشعرني بالقهر ..كنت أظن أنها تستحق جوابا مهما يكن هذا الجواب، حتى لو كان مكرورا.. معروفا متوقعا.حتى لو كان تربيتة على الكتف، أو اعتذارا مقتضبا جدا لأنها( تفهم) …هذا عن الأفكار.
    غير ذلك..بضع مرات حدث معي، أني حين اقرأ قصيدة من قصائدك بالإنجليزية، أتخيل القصيدة يغنيها على قيثارة؛ شاب بالجينز، ذو وجه عاطفي..
    وشعر أسود رَجْل( ذو تجعيدة خفيفة)يقف في الهواء الطلق على مساحة خضراء، وثمة بضع أشجار قريبة

    إلى اللقاء

    • Yes, she deserves an answer, not only because she (understands), but because she is his partner, his soul mate.

      For some reason, he chose to swallow the words, to keep the answer till later, and suggested they talk about “nothing”.

      Now remember, this conversation, both the talk and the silence, took place in “the world of forever, the true world of dreams”, they haven’t yet met in the so-called “real world”!

      As you know, poetry, and art in general, spots the light on one or two dimensions of an event, a conversation, a memory, a vision, a conflict, whatever. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Maybe to let the reader fly with her/his imagination, ask questions, and get excited. That’s how art is felt, don’t you agree? It’s not always logical. It’s main target is the heart, not the mind.

      Like you, her words made me cry, but your comment made me cry more! As if you’re talking about….

      Thank You! You always enrich this blog with your honest, insightful contributions.

      By the way, I like the way you envision the poems. This is not far from how I see them.

      The Soaring Eagle

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