Time Out!

What is time?

The passing of seconds?

The rotation of Earth?

The signs of aging?

The caravans of the dead?

Leaving us behind

Do they still have

The same feeling

Of time?

Are they finally free

Of the shackles

Of this short life?

Can we feel like them

While we’re still



Can you see time?

Can you hear it

Touch it

Smell it

Taste it?

Does it really exist?

Time is a concept

To make our lives


Not harder!

It’s a tool

For our minds

To grasp

The whole notion

Of existence

On this planet

But it’s not real

Even if you feel

You can’t deal

With the tough deal

Of organizing your life

Without looking

At your watch


What if I told you

You could rely

On something else

Something real

Would you

Give it a try?

Let me know

Before I go

Before you go


Rule the tool

But don’t ever

Let any tool

Rule your life

Use time

But don’t allow it

To enslave you

And always remember

Why you’re here

Have no fear

My dear

To steer

Your own ship

Towards that

Which is dear

That which is

Beyond time and space

That which deserves

Your best

For the rest

Of your life…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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