The Spring Is Back

The Spring is back 

The Universe is on track

                                         It’s got no slack

But my spring is still

At the bottom

Of the gray stack

Everything has a time

There is no lack

Of abundance, of sunshine

We create

Our own scarcity

We run around

We love velocity

Although deep down

We sure know

That everything has a time

You can’t rush it

You can’t slow it down

You can only choose

Your intentions

And then move

In the general direction

Which leads

To each one of them

But what if

You faced a roadblock?

Would you abandon

Your intention?

Would you sink into

Retreat and surrender?

Or would you fight

Trying to break

That roadblock

With all your might?

There is another way

Think about that

Consult your heart

You don’t need to fight

Every roadblock

Along the way

To your destination

You’ve got to find

Your own way

But stay focused

On the final vision

Carry on your mission

Even when the wind

Blows your ship away

Back to the shore

Take a deep breathe

Remember your intention

And start all over



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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