Mr. Perfect

I feel cold

It’s a long road

But I feel cold

I’ve been told

Stay inside

                                                               Don’t go abroad

                           Stay close

       To the fireplace

 I got bored

I wanted to explore

The world

I wanted to travel

The road


I wanted to take

The invisible Path

All my life

I’ve been aspiring

To be Mr. Perfect

No matter

If the matter

Was easy


Or harder

I’d take it on

I’d get it done

I’d only deliver

That which I consider

The better

The superior

But now

I feel cold

It’s a long road

That which

I had taken

I used to be

Very good at it

Now it seems

Everything in me

Needs a long break

No matter 

What it takes


Is so tiring

And exhausting

There is no

Give and take

Then you find yourself

On the long road


And so cold!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Mr. Perfect

  1. نعم في حقل التربية والتعليم يقولون اللعب عمل الأطفال… حبنا للأطفال لا يخلو أبدا من حب للذات وازدهاء بها، وكأنك تقولين لنفسك: رغم كل الخيبات والندبات وخطوط العمر، كنت أشبه هذه الصغيرة، أو هذا الصغير.. الحمد لله على نعمة الأبناء والحفدة..

    • Every parent loves his or her kids by sheer instinct. But some of us love their kids to the extent that they see life through them. I believe kids are a great source of hope. And hope is what we live on! Without it, life has no meaning. Even our work towards the next life, is driven by hope.

      Thanks for your insightful comments.


      The Soaring Eagle

  2. لعلها من أصدق القصائد تعبيرا عن حالك.. أتمنى أن تناقش هذه الفكرة في مزيد من القصائد.. وعلى فكرة أظنها تصلح للغناء على طريقة الشبابية..

    أشكرك على صورة الطفل الضاحك، فهي تعدل من أثر الأخرى.. أحزان الاطفال وخيبتهم، هي الاكثر إيلاماً بالنسبة لي ..

    • Kids represent the essence of life. Their emotions, thoughts, actions, everything, are pure, yet powerful. As we grow up, we lose a lot of that, especially their positive curiosity, and their relentless exploration of everything around. When kids play, they actually work and grow.


      The Soaring Eagle

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