Get ready, pack your stuff, leave the land

Get ready, be tough, suppress your emotions

Life is a journey, we are all travellers, some are nomads

Travel has become part of

Everyone’s life

Everyone’s strife

It’s sharp like a knife

That, which cuts through

The heart

That, which Makes one


A pain of a different rife

Makes one wish

For a second life

Let’s calm down

The matter could be unreal

It could be an illusion

Imagine this:

What if

That you’re going through

Was a long movie?

Right now, you’re playing

A part

In that movie!

Could you step out?


Join the audience

Could you see

Your own movie

Being played

Before your own eyes?

Would that make you

More at ease?

Would that

Make you stop

Trying to please

People, like a disease?

Do not increase

Your playin’ time

Step out, sit down

And watch

Your movie unfolds

Be an observer

Listen to what’s being told

And listen

To the silence

Is it all true?

Is it real?

Indeed, life is a journey

But it’s up to you

How to travel

And which path to take

Which seat to grab

While observing

The unfolding

Of the so-called:



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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5 Responses to Travel

  1. مدهش هذا الجو، ويدفع كثيرا للتخيل والحلم والمراجعة… سبحان من أعطانا هذه القدرات.. وأطلق لنا حرية التفكير والتخيل والتأمل..
    سلمت يداك
    بس للأمانة قرأتها مرة واحدة .. ولعلها لم تقل لي كل شيء بعد

    • Thanks Sister!

      I expected a lot of comments on our beloved grandfather’s poem. Although so many people had read it (I could tell from the statistics), but no one commented. I especially wanted to know mom and dad’s impressions. Did anyone read it for them, as well as yesterday’s poem?

      Yes, “Travel” needs more than one pass. It moves from the concept of travel during this short life, to the bigger picture of one’s view of life as a transit, which leads to the idea of observation, rather then serious involvement (being inside the movie, playing the role as if it was real).


      The Soaring Eagle

      P.S. I’ve found writers and poets’ groups on Linked-in. They are good. One of my discussions on a group called “Aspiring Writers” has attracted 110 comments so far, and a lot of debates. One of them has been about whether writing is an art or not!

  2. Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Jim Rohn

  3. Saad says:

    Very powerful.
    It also reminds me of waking up saying: “Oh Alhamdulillah this is just a dream”

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