The Nomad

Forget who you are

Forget the stars

Leave, go far

Burn the books

Wipe off the memories

Start anew

The world is so small

The Universe is so small

If your heart

Is closed

If your soul

Is lost

Forget who you are

It doesn’t matter

Any longer

Walk away

But don’t sway

It’s one-way

If you may

Start to say

A few words

That convey

What you feel

Deep down

Night and day

No one cares

Talk to yourself

If you may

Choose the way

Of the few

Who had dared to try

Something new

Who had dared to defy

What everybody knew

To be a fact of life

Without thinking

Without blinking

Without making

A reasonable judgement

Go ahead

Leave the land

Be a nomad

Even if you feel sad

Or mad

It’s already bad

To be alive

In the small world!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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One Response to The Nomad

  1. القصيدة حزينة، تشبه أخوات لها.. جميلة وتتميز بهدوء فيما أحسست
    أخي الحبيب الغريب، إذا كنت تبحث عن عالم مختلف جذريا، عالم يصبح فيه القرب من الله أكثر، والانعتاق من ضغوط النفس أكبر.يصبح فيه احتمال الموت أكبر… فهو موجود..


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