You Can’t Go Home!

It’s freezing outside

It’s burning inside

The fire within

Can melt all the ice without

Keep dreaming

Of that day

When you step in

They’re waiting at the door

The black short door

Leading to the garden

The trees you had planted

Have grown so big

They’ve been waiting too

Keep dreaming

Of the hugs

The kisses

The tears

All are there right now

The future starts with a dream

Reality is relative

The only absolute reality

Is God Almighty

Go ahead

Step in the dream

Allow yourself to touch the faces

To hold the hands

To cry

Out loud

Kneel down

Look at the eyes

See beyond the eyes

Listen to the sigh’s

Answer the “whys”

Tell the story

There was no glory

It’s just a story

Of a man

Who lost his soul

And went looking for it

Behind the high mountains

Behind the deep seas

Only to realize

That he had left his soul

With those he loves

With every bit

Of his heart


And soul!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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6 Responses to You Can’t Go Home!

  1. الرحمن الرحيم اللطيف الخبير.. السميع المجيب الودود الغفور العليم الحكيم … معك يا يمان، سيجمعك بهم، وستعود الحال أفضل بعونه تعالى.. أستطيع أن أقول إن سلمى عبرت عما شعرت به تجاه هذه القصيدة الرائعة جدا، وكأن الثلج( في الخارج) منحها من النقاء والصفاء والوضوح ما سربلها جميعا.. سألت الله تعالى ملتصقة بجدار الكعبة أن يجمعك بأهلك وكل عائلتك على خير..وأن ينفع بك..

  2. Salma says:

    This one by far is one of my top favorites.

  3. Abdullah says:

    Very touching and inspiring. May the soul meet its body in eternal heaven insha’allah.

    • Thanks Habibi. I saw you in my dreams last night (after I’d written the poem). A kid, sleeping peacefully. Then I hold you with both arms, close to my chest. All of a sudden you turn into a big man. I can’t carry you anymore, which made me cry silently.

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