Can you wait?

Expecting nothing

Can you just wait?

For your fate

To unfold, so late

Can you wait

for a lifetime?

Knowing nothing

Of what might dominate

Your life, your state

Can you let go of the past?

And start from a clean slate?

Would it be too much to ask

You to meditate

On the virtue of patience

Of waiting indefinitely

For something you want

Something so dear, so innate

Can you surrender?

Your wanting, your yearning

And just wait

For the right time

And while you wait

You reinstate

Your principles

Your love

Your faith

That your suffering

Your pain

Shall not end

In vain


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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3 Responses to Wait

  1. الفن والفلسفة ربما عليهما أن يثيرا الأسئلة أكثر مما يطرحان من الإجابات..ربما هي وظيفتهما الأساس…. فكيف وقد جمعت بين .الفيلسوف، الشاعر، زادك الله من فضله..وإلهامه…

  2. أسئلة صعبة، ربما قصدت أن تضمنها بعض الإجابات.. الله معك يا أخي.. وهو اللطيف الخبير..

    صورة مؤثرة جدا

    • The poem asks, the readers answer! My intention is to challenge everyone to come up with his or her own responses to those difficult questions.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      The Soaring Eagle

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