The Seeds of Life

They say: No pain, no gain

I say: No brain, no gain

No heart, no gain

We are not here

To spend our days and nights

In suffering or pain

We are here to sustain

What God has given us

Not only that

We are here to grow

Towards our destiny

That doesn’t mean

Life is free of pain

It means don’t always expect

To endure pain

In order to gain


Everything we do

Is shaped by our perspective

We could be doing a simple thing

But because we happened to be a bad mood

The simple thing “seemed”

So difficult

It feels like pain

Then we said: No pain, no gain


Intend to maintain

A sense of awe

Life is full of miracles

One of them

Is our ability to move

To work

To produce

If you get immersed

In the appreciation of those miracles

You lose the sense of time

And you don’t see anything

As big, or impossible

Even pain

Happiness, peace and success

Are all internal states

Of mind and heart

If you hold on

To negative feelings inside

Your success, if it happend

Would be short-lived

You would sabotage it


On the other hand

Your bank account

Could be wiped out

Yet you feel wealthy

And alright!

That is true richness

It stems from the insight

That thoughts become things

Pay attention to your thoughts

Pay attention to your feelings and beliefs

For those are the seeds of your life


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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