The sky is grey

I have nothing to say

It’s time to pray

For a better day

The rain is here to stay

Why all this dismay?

It’s not May!


It’s November, Okay?

Seasons change, no way

You’ve got to obey

The rhythm of the Universe

Or go away

To another Universe

Where there’s only

One season, all the way

Would you enjoy that?

Change is the only constant

Not only in this universe

But across all creation

To accept change

To understand change

Is power

Yet, something inside

Remains changeless


Some people find it

Some look for it

For a lifetime

Where is it?

What is it?

Here’s a hint

It’s closer than you think

Only pure hearts

Can sense it

And those are few


People look for peace

For happiness

You can look

For whatever you want

What matters

At the end of the matter

Is what you get

Out of all that looking

If you prefer

Not to spend

All your affair

Looking in despair

Think before you look

Consult your heart

Because, my friend

What you’re looking for

Could already be

Here and now

All you have to do

Is open your real eyes

And appreciate

The gift of life…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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