Tears and Boulders

Black rocks never cry

Or do they?

Injured eagles wouldn’t soar high

Or would they?

Tears shed on rocks

Never appear, they’re shy

Horses are easy to satisfy

They may even fly!

As long as you respect their pride

Disappointed geniuses could die

When they find themselves in a world

That has turned a blind eye

To whatever special about them

It would offer a nod, a smile

Or maybe a sigh


Listen to the surf

Listen to the silence

Between the waves

Don’t deny

Yourself the joy

Of entering the emptiness

That is all over and around

Stop your mind in its tracks

Catch it dwelling on the past

Projecting the future

Invite your mind

To be here and now

Breathe in

Breathe out

Watch your breath

Swim with it

Go deeper inside

Into the ocean of life


A life that is run

By a busy mind

Is not a life!

It’s a dress rehearsal

For a life

That shall never come

Most people waste their true life

Their true being

Their whole life!

On that insane running around

Achieving no real value

Consuming the present

To live a future

That takes place

Only in their heads


Wake up!

Stop burning your brain cycles

On nonsense

Focus on the current moment

It’s all there is

It’s all you have


Cry on a colourful boulder

Let your tears run a river

All the way, down to the bottom

Of the Valley of Peace

Smile to the birds

To the trees

Or just do nothing

Doing nothing of the fake stuff is Being

Being a human being

Not a human Doing!

But don’t ever commit the crime

Of wasting the only time

You shall ever have

That is:

One moment

One breath

Pay attention

And set your intention

Delve into a different dimension

A parallel Universe!

Made only for you

Experience another reality

In which, you become

Who you truly are

Here and Now

And that is that!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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3 Responses to Tears and Boulders

  1. revodiary11 says:

    سلام أخي هل وصلتك الترجمة؟

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