Sane Madness

The ocean is angry

Splashing the silent rocks

With one surf after the other

The sky is gloomy

Hiding the sun

Behind a thick veil

Of black clouds

The thunder is rumbling

A storm is gathering strength

In the horizon

A lone soul is standing

Facing the angry ocean

The evolving storm

The thudding thunder


He’s holding more anger

In his bare chest

Than all of them combined!

Hi is mad, but sane

He starts singing

A mad song

The ocean seems to like it

It vibrates even more

Throwing higher waves

At the shore

At the lone soul

He keeps singing

The thunder echos the song

The storm plays the lyrics

A Symphony of Madness

A sort of rhythm that rhymes

Emerges naturally

Leading to a piece of art

Not heard of before

By any human ear

The Sane Madness

Is an expression of anger

Of pain

Of suffering

Like no other expression

No one can sing along

Except those who share

The attributes

Of the Symphony

The rest can’t hear a thing

Even if they try

They are deaf

To the anger

To the pain

And to the suffering

Of the Symphony

Of Sane Madness!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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