High walls, black doors, no windows, just fear

You can’t leave, roll up your sleeves, and grab your gear

Start digging, a tunnel underneath, while you can see clear

When darkness falls, you’ve got to stop, you may shed a tear

You’re life, behind the high walls, is real

Outside the walls, people walk and talk, they can’t hear

Your faint calls, your digging and all, they live in another sphere

The invisible guards, may confiscate your gear, their ways could be severe

But don’t despair, if you lost your gear, something else might appear

Never give up on your dream,

The black doors may open, if you are sincere

After all, they’re doors, and doors are meant to open,

If you have the right key

Keep imagining the moment you leave, hold it clear

As if it’s real, as if it’s here

In a way, there’s no difference,

Between that you imagine, and that you see

To the mind, they’re the same

If we let the image steer

Our ship, along the current of life,

Through the jungle, of spacetime

We often become obstacles, in the way of our own freedom

As we hold on too tight, to wanting control,

Wanting to figure everything out

We block our inner wisdom,

From doing its magic, from making us happy

At the end, we realize,

 To the beginning we’re back,

To the peace of the first hut, oh dear!


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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4 Responses to Walls

  1. طالما أن هناك أبواب، فلا بد أن تنفتح.. هذه الروح أقوى وأكثر تصميما.. الفقرة الأخيرة ساحرة يا يمان: ,

    To the beginning we’re back,

    To the peace of the first hut, oh dear!

    ندرك في النهاية أنا إلى البداية نعود: إلى سلام الكوخ الاول… يا إلهي! أقولها أنا
    هل تشتهي أنك عشت تجربة آدم عليه السلام 🙂

  2. Lubaba Saleh says:

    This poem touched my heart deeply, I could clearly picture the darkness within the walls and the loneliness as well…
    Mashallah, your ability to picture life and create vivid images out of words brimming with emotion and expression amazes me, and I can tell that you are improving rapidly, the best thing is anyone can relate to your poems from their life and that makes them really special cause they outline what really matters in this life and what we all truly struggle with and what we honestly want…
    Love you Dad…

    • Thanks Lubaba!

      Glad the poem’s found a place in your tender heart. It’s rewarding to know that the message is getting through…

      From time to time, we all need to stop rushing from one thing to another and appreciate the essence of life, appreciate ourselves, and open our eyes to the wonders all around us. If I may use the poem’s context, we need to reach for those black doors and just push them; maybe they’ll open without any struggle, maybe…

      Love you too darling.

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