The Past

What is the past?

A collection of memories

A group of facts?


About a life that was

Somewhere in one’s mind

Where is it now?

Is it still intact?

Or has it become

Shreds of images

Voices, feelings, emotions

That we try to bring together

To prove to ourselves

That we can still remember?

That coffee break

That trip to the mountains

That night at The Noodle’s House

That stroll around Springs 5

The past, like the future,

They both are illusions

They make us laugh

Worry, cry, or feel lonely

“Now” is all there is

I believe time is

Only one moment

An eternal moment

But it’s like water

If you try to hold on to it

To squeeze it in your hand

It slips through your fingers



About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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12 Responses to The Past

  1. لا يمكن ألا تكون عواطفنا جزءا من تكويننا.. يستحسن الا يكون طاغيا.. لكن: هي أرزاق يا أخي ..

    • Our interpretation of the emotions that we experience, and our reaction thereafter are affected by who we are. However, I still say that an emotion is a form of energy, and it’s not who we are, unless we choose to give it that power. I know this is easier said than done, and that it takes practise, but in my humble opinion, it’s a fact.

      To gain more insight on the topic visit:

      The Soaring Eagle

  2. حديثك عن الماضي يذكرني بحديث الروائي جارسيا ماركيز عن رواياته، فهو يعترف ببساطة، أنه يكتب ما تبقى في ذاكرته، وما تمنى حدوثه أوتخيله.. في النهاية تجده ينسج عالماً مذهلا ضاعت فيه الحقيقة في ثنايا خيال ذكي جامح جريء مسل جدا..
    لكن: ترى أليس للتمسك بهذه اللحظة وحدها، أية سلبيات حين يساء فهمها أو استخدامها..

    • The main point is to learn how to let go, gracefully. No attachments, no aversions, just letting go, while observing.

      We are not our emotions. Once we realize that, we put our right foot on the path of internal freedom. We are slaves only to Allah, nothing else..

      The Soaring Eagle

  3. Hashem says:

    I love u so much and miss u so much 😥 when r u coming?

  4. هذه القصيدة بالذات ينطبق عليها ماتقول، النظرة إلى الماضي، والتعامل معه، هروباً أو تباكيا أو إفادة..وهي من حيث البناء كما وصفتها سلمى.. ليست متابعتكما سهلة، بس عم نتثقف ..ونتعلم اللغة

    • The past does not really exist! Please think about that for a moment. Where is the past? It’s in our minds. But here’s the stunning fact about our minds: Since they can’t remember all the details from the past, and since they are the best storytellers ever, they fill those missing details, those gaps, with recycled information from the memory. So the past “story” is a mixture of what the mind could remember, and what it added “creatively” to complete the picture. Hence, the “Past”, in total, is a product of our minds, not necessarily what actually took place! Based on that line of logic, it’s not real. It’s fabricated, and it’s gone forever.

      The future is even worse. It’s a complete projection by the mind based on the past, which is also created, to a great extent, by the mind. So what is the future? We need a poem titled “The Future”, don’t we? 🙂

      Reality can only be found NOW, in the Present moment, which soon becomes past too! That’s why I mentioned in the poem that time is one eternal moment. If you adopt this view of time, you don’t grow older! How about that for a treat?

      The Soaring Eagle

  5. هل حقا نحاول تجميع صور الماضي وذكرياته، فقط لنثبت لأنفسنا أنا لا زلنا نتذكر.. أليست هنالك أسباب أخرى كثيرة تجعلنا في مراجعة دائماً للماضي، ناهيك عن عدم نسيانه، وخصوصا ً في مراحله الطفلة..كأن الماضي هو مشاعر الماضي تجاه الاحداث..وليس الاحداث نفسها.

    • Yes, we could learn from our “mis-takes”, but we should not dwell too much on them. We learn, and we let go (if we can).

      The poem draws a picture, which has a touch of sarcasm, so it might not apply the same way to everyone. That’s the beauty of art, as opposed to mathematics, for example. In math, if X + 5 = 9, then X=4. End of story. Nobody can argue about that. On the other hand, art has enough space for every reader, every listener, and every watcher. Our interpretation of art stems from who we are, at the core, it doesn’t obey logic, and it doesn’t require consensus or mutual agreement. The more interpretations, in my opinion, the better!

  6. Salma says:

    This one is beautiful, short, precise and makes one reflect and ponder…

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