Everybody wants  to sit

Next to the window slit

Even if they can’t fit

Either that, or they quit

” I want an aisle seat, Mam!”

The passenger demands


So he or she can go s**t

Every now and then

Till the toilet becomes

A smelly pit

After only few hours

Of flying the mist


Throughout our lives

We want to be close

To someone or something

Or far away

from someone or something

Thinking that

Physical proximity

Does actually matter

It does, but only

On the short-term

In time and space

On a different scale though

Your soul is what you should be

concerned about

Does it fit?

In a world full of split

In a world that has become

Very swift

In punishing the weak

And rewarding the strong

Even if that strong

was pure evil!

It really is time

To fight

Or quit…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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12 Responses to Proximity

  1. It all depends on the nature of those universes and how they interact to create a form of reality that requires a tough paradigm shift, if you will.
    هل يمكن أن توضح لي ما سبق، مع بعض الأمثلة… حياك الله

  2. استمتعت كثيرا بقراءة الحوار بينك وبين عبد الله، بعض الكلمات فاتني معناها.. لكن بصورة عامة كان شيئاً مثيرا للتفكير..كذلك قولك أنا لا يمكن أن نعيش في كون آخر، بل أن نسعى لتوسيع مداركنا، وآفاقنا..
    أخيرا: فهمت أن كتابك يتحدث عن ظرفية تعدد الاكوان ..وأنه يمكن إثباته حسابيا كونه نظرية ذات اساس متين؟ صحح لي من فضلك( الحقيقة لم أيذل جهدا في الترجمة) وما معنى تعدد الاكوان؟ نحن البشر يمكن أن نعيش في أكثر من كون؟ هل هذا سبب الديجافو.. مثلا

    هل وصلتك مني رسالة هاتفية من كم يوم؟ أود التأكد فقط

    • The author of the book is Brian Greene. He proves that there are multiple universes in existence.

      For us, once we believe that Allah is the Creator, for Him, creating one universe or an infinite number of universes is the same. It’s only a word

      Physically, using our five senses only, we do live in one universe. Other universes could be billions of light years afar, or could be closer than the next town. It all depends on the nature of those universes and how they interact to create a form of reality that requires a tough paradigm shift, if you will.

      If the topic interests you, I could talk more, or you could get the book. The title is “The Hidden Reality”

      The Soaring Eagle

  3. Abdullah says:

    Wow…I admire your “out of the box” thinking. Few understand it and fewer practice it. I would also add that within -or beyond- the physical domain, human beings will always be confined to the 4th dimension, time. That’s why Allah SWT swore by it in surat Al-Asr: “By the token of time through all ages…”

    I tried calling you yesterday to say kul 3am wa antum bekhair but wasn’t able to get a hold of you. I will try again tomorrow insha’allah. I hope all is well.

    • You’ll find your answer in the last poem. Have a lookلحالك/

      Thanks for your comment. Time and space are relative, and dependant on the conditions of the observer. If you travel at the speed of light; for you, time stops, while space changes at 300K km/s

      The Soaring Eagle

      • Abdullah says:

        Space yes I agree, it is relative, but time, not so sure. What is it relative to? Time only seizes to exist when we’re referring to an infinite being like Allah SWT: 3rd verse of Surat Al-Hadid: “He is the First (nothing is before Him) and the Last (nothing is after Him)…” Everything else is a consequence of His creation to time. This would be the first day of the six Allah SWT began the process of creating the skies and earth…SWT. Wallahu a3lam.

        Wouldn’t you agree 300K km/s is still a finite rate? Rates are bound by time (per sec/per min/per hour/light year). So even if we were to escape the physical domain somehow, we won’t be able to escape the time domain. Have I completely went out of subject? 🙂

        I read the last poem three times but unfortunately I was not able to correlate it with this one. Please forgive my ignorance.

      • Ok, let’s see what we’ve got here!

        The last poem answers your unanswered phone call, by describing what I’m going through. That’s all

        Time IS relative. No doubt about it. If you want evidence from the Quran, here’s one: And indeed a day to your Lord is like a thousand years to you! The Night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months

        Have you read about Einstein’s General Relativity? Time diminishes to zero if you travel at the speed of light. Time is a tool that Allah SWT Has taught us to use in order to pass through this life. Once our journey here finishes, the role of time, as we know it, ends. Eternity kicks in. What is Eternity? It’s simply, in my humble opinion, the absence of time.

        Now back to Earth: Can we relinquish our dependence on time? Yes. How? One way is to pay attention beyond the five senses. Another is by going in, deeper and deeper, till you reach a place that is outside all limitations.

        Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, used to go into that place during his meditation, and at one of those occasions he received the first revelation. I’m sure he was in deep meditation, in a place inside his pure soul, which was outside time and space, and only then he was ready to receive the heavy message. Of course, Allah had guided him to do that before the message. That was part of his preparation.

        I’m not calling to ignore time, it’s a big mistake. I’m asking people not to be bound by time or space. We’re bigger and larger than both. They are meant to serve us, not enslave us. We’re slaves only to Allah. Anything else is secondary and part of the details that we’ll leave behind.

        Thank you for giving me the chance to have an intellectual dialogue!

        The Soaring Eagle

      • Abdullah says:

        It was the phone call! I get it now! LOL. No worries khalo, you know how much you mean to me, and I justed wanted to hear your voice. Well, I kind of did with your voice mail message. 🙂 Maybay another time? 😉

        Thank you for this thought and discussion. I don’t think you realizes how rare such discussions are until you have a FB account! 😀

      • I don’t have a Fake Book account, and I’m not going to Insha’Allah. It’s one of the web’s many time wasters.

        Likewise, I had told you before: You’re my third brother. May Allah bless you and your family…


  4. فاطمة says:

    حلوة..مخيفة..كالعادة، ليست دائما مسألة اختيار ..أو مزاج أو حاجة..هناك أقدار، قد تكون لك يد في جلبها أو لا تكون.. هذا إذا فهمت كل ماتريد قوله.. بصراحة أخي أنا بحاجة لمساعدة.. فالبعد الجغرافي والزمني يصعب الأمور.. لا يحرجنك الاختصار أو الحذف ..

    • It’s not meant to be frightning. It’s an invitation to consider different views of life. The physical view, the 3D, is but one domain. You could be physically “close” but spiritually in a different universe (I’m reading a book that proves mathematically and physically that the proposition of multiple universes has a solid scientific ground).

      So what do we do? Ignore the physical domain and live in a different universe? No, we are tested by the laws of this world, and we shall be asked. The point is to be aware that the physical world, the physical conditions, are not everything there is. This widens the scope of our thinking and feeling, and ultimately, our whole perspective of the essense of life, and, death…

      The Soaring Eagle

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