The mountains stand tall

Surrounding the little town like mighty walls

But that’s not all

The trees line up every path

Every mountain

Their roots are so deep

They can’t fall

The sky is full of birds

But Squamish is home

To the largest of them all

Thousands of bald eagles

Gather just outside Squamish

After every fall

The eagle is the king of the sky

He soars up high

Where no other bird can fly

Squamish, to me, is not only breathtaking nature

It’s a place full of memories

Memories that strike a sensitive cord

In my heart and soul

In a heart that has been in pain

It can’t quite recall

When was the last time

It had felt real joy

Big or small!

Abdurrahman treated his tooth here

Hashem bought his frisbee here

Lubaba hiked the mountains here

Salma enjoyed a rare sunrise scene here

Where the shy sun ascends from its hide


The Cheif Mountain

A very steep, gray mountain

Trees can’t grow on one of its flat sides

A mountain which, once upon a time

I had climbed alone

Hunada soaked her feet in a snow-water river here

I watched them all

Enjoying themselves

Asking me: Are you happy?

What can we do to make you happy?

I had no answer, just a nod

And that was all

Life goes on

They were here once

And now they’re gone

They enjoyed Squamish, Whistler and Pemperton once

And now they’re gone

What’s left is a memory

In my head

Or, maybe, somewhere else

One of my tales

Witnessed by the trails

And that was all…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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12 Responses to Squamish

  1. لم أذكر الفيسبوك في كلامي..لكني أجد أنه بالاستخدام الجاد المنظم.. مكن المضهدين المحبوسين في أوطان تنكرهم، أن يتواصلوا وينظموا ثورات اضطرت التاريخ إلى قلب صفحة جديدة . اللهم ارحم أهلنا في سورية وانصرهم على عدوهم.

  2. الحقيقة كلمة إنغيج حيرتني، وفاتني المعنى الذي قصدته، وهو بريطاني أظن.. فاجتهدت وحدي… أشكرك إذ تجبرني على تشغيل أو إنغيج مخي

  3. Allah shall ask us if we try to sense the wonders He embeds in Nature. It moves the mind and the heart, and it engages the five senses.
    الله سائلنا عما بثه في الطبيعة من عجائب، هل حاولنا تحسسها وفهمها؟ . إنها تحرك العقل والقلب، وتربط كل حاسة من حواسنا بالأخرى..
    فكرة جميلة مؤثرة..يدل عليه التنبيه إلى عجائب الخلق في القرآن الكريم بارك الله في فكرك وقلمك

    • Thanks! Actually you added another idea, which is linking the senses and uniting them in glorifying the One Creator. What I meant by “engaging the senses” was getting them to work, to feel the wonders, all of them at the same time. This adds to the feeling of “awe”, and could, for some people, lead to a unique spiritual experience.

      Thanks again for being active on this blog with your insightful comments!

      The Soaring Eagle

  4. فاطمة says:

    آه يا هاشم..
    بابا أيضا أراك كم يحبك وكم يفتقدك ..فأنت وإخوتك وماما تجعلون هذه الطبيعة أجمل وأحب إليه.. الله كريم يا حبيبي

    • Thanks sister. The first time I read Hashem’s comment was very tough on me, like when I went to Squamish after they had left. I know the world is full of pain and sadness, but that is the part I can describe.

  5. فاطمة says:

    لم أرها قبل اليوم .. فالجيميل يكتظ برسائل الفيسبوك، ولم أجد طريقة للتخلص من هذه الميزة.
    تبرع في وصف الطبيعة وإغرائها بالحلول في مناطق جدبدة، من حسك وبصيرتك وبصرك..فتضفي عليها ظلالاً أجمل وأعمق وأكثر تأثيرا..ماشاء الله ، هذه مقدرة جميلة يمكن أن تبتهج بها وتسعد ..ولو للحظات.
    بعض المفردات لم أفهمها..
    أسأل الله تعالى أن يجمعك بهم على خير حال، وحيث تجد الهناءة والرضى..

  6. Hashem says:

    That is the best way of telling someone about squamish,i satrted craying by myself when read the poum i miss u so much i want to see u again r u coming in عيد,

    I love u and miss u so much.:’-)

    • I love you and miss you too. I’m very glad you read the poem and you liked it. It’s for all of you anyway! No, unfortunately I can’t visit during 3eed, but maybe later InshaAllah. When you miss me, close your eyes and imagine I’m beside you, holding your hand. We’re talking with our eyes closed. I do that. We used to do that at bedtime, remember? If our souls are together, distance becomes of a lesser impact.

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