The Crossroad

He’s been walking alone

looking for an answer

He’s been marching along

Having no partner

The road was flat and straight

No signs, no fence, like an empty plate

After a while, there was a crossroad!

All roads were the same:

Empty, flat and broad

How would he choose?

How would he know?

Which was the right road?

They all looked the same

  None of them had a name

Nothing could be told

Of where they would lead

Where they would end

Our minds choose

Based on what they see

What they hear

What they sense

What they remember

What they project

How they analyze

How they conclude

Our hearts, on the other hand

Choose based upon intuition

Choose following the Inner Compass

But what if we had

A life-long of ignoring the wisdom

Of the Inner Compass?

It’d become rusty, useless

It couldn’t help us choose anymore

That’s when we got lost, for real

How about a crossroad?

How about an octal crossroad?

Eight different roads

All look the same!

Go ahead, close your eyes

And march along

You shall never get it wrong

If you truly surrender

To the Peace and Splendour

Of the Realm

Of God…


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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6 Responses to The Crossroad

  1. The automatic response had always been a stubborn refusal to those wakeup calls. The mind suffers an inertia that could be stronger than physical inertia.
    ردة الفعل تكون رافضة بسبب المعاناة؟ حتى ممن رزقوا هذا لسبب؟ وما معنى( إنرشا) من فضلك

    • The negative reaction I referred to had been due to a kind of resistance to change, like inertia. When you try to move a mass, it resists you. It wants to stay where it has been for ages. In physics, that’s called: Mass Inertia; it’s a type of force measured in Newton.

      Let’s take Prophet Ibrahim as an example. He faced his people with a clear fact: Do you worship that which you carve with your own hands, while God has created you and your deeds?! Now their inertia was manifested in their attachment to what their fathers had been doing; that’s why their reactive answer came mumbling: We’d found our fathers do the same (implicitly they were arguing: How dare you ask us to change what our great fathers used to do?!)

      You are talking about a different reaction, which has nothing to do with inertia. It’s a legitimate reaction that erupts after suffering for a long time. This is another subject not addressed in the poem.

  2. بدون مجاملة لكلامك: يشتهي الواحد منا كثيرا أن يغير نظارتيه، أن يقوم بالبارادايم شيفت( هل هناك تعريب سهل) مهما تراكمت السنون على ظهره وداخل رأسه، وعلى صفخات قلبه.. لكنها مهة جبارة جدا .. أهمها إرادتي وذكائي. ربما..لكن الأصعب هو أن أتصرف بحرية بغض النظر عن ردود الأفعال وما تعود ناس مني، ناس أحبهم ولا أريد أن أسبب لهم أي حزن
    هل قلت لك أني خلال عشرة ايام رأيتك في نومي، ربما 4 مرات.. حزينا منصرفا لكن غير مريض، في إحداها كان كل الأولاد وربما هنادة.. في إحداها اقتربت منك وأنت مستلق ببيجامة رياضة رمادية اللون، مع خطين أسودين على طول الكم.. لمست جانب صدرك، لففت ذراعي حول كتفك برفق شديد، ولم نتبادل أي كلمة. أين كان هذا؟ في بيوت غريبة التقسيم خفيفة الإضاءة..لا أعرفها.
    لعلي مخطئة في نقل هذه الأحلام فهي ألصق بي بالطبع كما يقول المحللون..والله أعلم، لكني راغبة في ذلك فسامحني . / deletable

    • Paradigm shifts are extremely private and personal experiences. They just happen. They don’t wait for our permission! Of course, being aware and “awake” sets the stage for a paradigm shift, but that is not a guarantee. Throughout history, Prophets and true leaders had come with paradigm shifts; innovative ways of seeing reality. The automatic response had always been a stubborn refusal to those wakeup calls. The mind suffers an inertia that could be stronger than physical inertia.

      Yes, I saw that message. I prefer to use email these days. I try to stay away from phones as much as possible.

      I don’t know for sure the interpretation of those dreams. But they tell me that you are concerned.

  3. revodiary11 says:

    الاعتماد على المعطيات والحسابات لفترة طويلة، يصيب بوصلتنا الداخلية بالصدأ، ويحرمنا الاستفادة منها..هذا ما فهمته منك..لكن هل يمكن أن يصل الصدأ إلى حد العطل، أو الخطأ..
    وهل يمكن أن نصلح تلك البوصلة ونزيل عنها الصدأ لتستعيد قراءتها الصحيحة..

    كلامك خطير دائماً…. والله يعين الدراويش 🙂

    • Yes, It can be cleaned. But that requires a paradigm shift. Looking at the world through a different pair of glasses. Realizing that there is more to life than what our senses communicate to us!

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