What Do You Want?

Life is short, or is it so?

It depends on what you draw

The pictures you intend to blow

Into the dry and raw

Jungle of space and time, very slow!

Since fast is slow

And slow is fast, if you know

How and what to blow

Your intentions become things

Be careful! Do not consciously set

Bad intentions, towards yourself

Or others

They shall come true

When Allah Tell them: Go

Your job is to clearly know

What is it that you want

From this world, Now

Since Now is all you have!

Is all any human being has

So, when you intend, don’t wish

Say it as if it’s already here and Now!

Then rely on Allah, and trust

That the All Mighty

Shall Bring it to you

At the right time

Between now and then

Move in the direction

Of your intention

And pay attention

To the signs, and don’t mention

Your intention

To any other soul

Until it is manifested

If you don’t move

Nothing will happen

Miracles are only for Prophets

We’re tested by principles and laws

Determined only by our beloved Creator

Setting an intention

Is NOT creation

It’s a way of focusing

Your mind and heart

On the results you want to see

In your short life here

And the next eternal life there

Aim high, and higher

There are no limits

No barriers

We set our own limits and barriers!

There are only Intentions

Only Faith

Only Work

Enlightened, Intelligent Work

Not torture

Be gentle with your God-given self

Yet firm and strong

There’s nothing wrong

In singing an innocent song

That helps you belong

To the Universe, so long

You believe

Deep down in your Soul

That nothing happens

Without His Permission


About The Soaring Eagle

Entrepreneur, Investor, Solution Architect, Award-winning poet, Published author
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